"Safari Vibes" | David Saah (GHANA) | Winner, MTTS 2nd Edition
"Plea or Protest" | AniJolly Girls' inaugural Short film collab | 2024
Compilation | MTTS Inaugural Edition
We must not wait for the big names to build our industry. Change can start in small capacities. Every action counts!" Ebele Okoye (Omenka Ulonka) Founder


We must not wait for the big names to build our industry. Change can start in small capacities. Every action counts!
Use the playlist below to get to see the results of the program since it started in 2021. Animated Clips, Introduction of the Program by the founder Ebele Okoye, Introduction of the equity-based sub-program AniJolly Girls as well as testimonials by participants and beneficiaries.

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Ten years ago...

…under our former name “SHRINKFISH”, we held the Shrinkfish Media Lab (smedLAB2013) which was Nigeria’s first-ever animation course. Motion to the sound, is a sustainable version of smedLAB. In line with the evaluation, and implementation of results for sustainability, Motion to the Sound is celebrating the smedLAB 10-year anniversary with a Special Edition.
The MTTS challenge will run once this year. This edition is not a competition where you can win prizes, rather is driven by mentorships and professional animation production training.
Aligning with the SDG goals Nr. 5 (gender equality) we decided to ACTIVELY involve girls and women in the MTTS challenge. So we have invited  the “Ani-Jolly Girls’ Special Mentorship Program” to be an integral part of the next MTTS edition
Poetry – inherently activist-is the most powerful form of expression for underrepresented voices. Though very rare or even nonexistent in African Animation, our research revealed that creators are ready to explore and embrace this genre.
Therefore, this current edition will be interpreting a poetry piece written by the award-winning Poet and spoken word performer, Loveth Liberty
Please use the form below to request the download of the materials. Before you proceed, please ensure that you understand the Program Terms & Conditions

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“Poetry Women & Entrepreneurship”

The audio file download is closed.
You can take part in the MTTS QuickSlice instead.


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Empowering underrepresented voices in Animation
If you are a freelance minority animator struggling to find your way around the maze of, creativity, recognition, and visibility, then the “Motion to the Sound” is for you.
“Animation challenges” abound on the internet, just as much as challenges abound in the industry

Motion to the sound is a unique highly sustainable initiative set up to EMPOWER black, African and PoC freelance animators and foster NETWORKING. “Motion to the sound” brings a new, unique, sustainable, and innovative approach that is different from any other existing Animation challenge in the world. Having seen and experienced the challenges in the global animation industry, we teamed up with producers, writers, voice-over artists, sound designers, musicians, career coaches, animation instructors, journalists -even actors- to provide solutions to these issues.

We are passionate about underrepresented voices.
So, we seek them out and give them not only a chance to learn how to tell stories but also leverage career advancement. Through continuous animation challenges, we push them to harness their talents, sharpen their imaginative skills, take control of their stories, scale the production hurdles, and establish their voices globally Next to the exposure by screening the works in our partner festivals, our prize format INCLUDES paid internships in which the participants go for hands-on production experience in partner studios, and we take care of their gages for that period. This goes a long way in smashing exploitation as connected to “internships” Also, in some cases, the winner gets to choose which of the available prizes would be useful for them in their career. That way we avoid redundant prizes which only sit on the shelf and gather dust
"They who FELT it, know it"
Having been on the freelance journey for decades, we know the difficulties young Animators, especially black, African, and PoC identifying ones can face, lacking not only the basic equipment but also lacking guidance, motivation, essential knowledge, and industry practices needed to successfully enter the market.
Read the turbulent journey of Ebele Okoye, the founder HERE and you might begin to understand the passion behind this.
The industry is for everybody, not just a selected few.

If you are an animation or motion design talent, with great visions and story ideas but are daunted by the challenges involved in professional productions,
and most probably end up only with WIPs and clips "for the gram", you’re definitely seeking something different... right?
Well, it’s time for change!


If you still have questions, Head over to the FAQ section. where all your questions are answered. Guaranteed!  #UnitedWeStand

We said: The industry is for everybody, not just a selected few.

You own a festival, animation studio, an animation training facility, a sound design studio, a marketing/promotional facility or you are in any position to help us achieve our aims and objectives or implement the prize format successfully, or help create the awareness needed in order to give underrepresented voices VISIBILITY, we would like to partner with you!

BECOME A PARTNER  NOW!   DONATE NOW! (Any amount is helpful)


the winners

1st Prize

OFFER: Cash prize or a paid hands-on experience in a partner studio
SMART CHOICE:  Hands-on experience in a partner studio.
Kenichi has been with Jolly Squid as a remote staff ever since//

Kenneth Omollo “It has been almost thirty years since I first held a pencil in an attempt to express myself creatively and ten years since I first learnt how to do the same on a computer…” Watch the clip to hear what he has to say

2nd Prize

OFFER: Cash prize or a paid 4-month internship in a partner studio
CHOICE: 4 months paid internship with a partner studio

David Saah:  “(I love challenges), I came up with a handful of scenarios and storyboards, which were tweaked with the help of the MTTS team”.


Samuel animates on an Android phone. 
As the option of getting him a full system is currently beyond our means, EVERY  SUPPORT is appreciated.
Just hit the DONATE button. Any amount helps!

EVERY PARTICIPANT of the inaugural edition IS A "WINNER"

In line with our aim of empowering the participants towards visibility, stronger networking and guide to self-sustenance, every participant of the inaugural edition has a permanent first call advantage/partnership with Motion to the Sound and a free access to the Afriilancer platform. Furthermore, each gets an honorable mention certificate.
Watch the finished entries


Following our main goal of fostering sustainable knowledge gain, cooperation, skills improvement, and career-building for minority freelance animators* as well as cooperation with minority-owned* animation studios, below are some of the prize concepts.

*minority = black, African, PoC

The produced clips will be showcased in special screenings in our growing list of partner festivals, with The festival of Animation Berlin and The Silicon Valley African Film Festival on the forefront.
Motion to the sound runs every quadrimester (4-monthly challenges) At the end of each year, three selected participants will be deployed to a partner animation studio for a fully paid 4 – 6 months hands-on experience or internship. In simple words, They work for the studio and we pay their salaries. This concept is developed to foster UNITY and healthy CO-OPERATION amongst the studios while at the same time smashing the exploitation which comes with internships.  
All three runners-ups in each challenge will also be given free access to the Afriilancer platform as well as all our career building workshops in co-operation with the Pan-African Freelancing Co (This means that in one year, 9 people will benefit from this) READ MORE


MTTS Quick Slice #MTTSQS are short sounds between 5 – 10 seconds that you can animate on the fly. The idea is to make the experience of MTTS easy for everyone, providing the chance to practice without having to spend too much time. No complicated rules. No competition. Just do YOU and we help you make it better by evaluating proactively in the community. When it gets “there” you will submit it to us, and we publish it.


1) As usual: you are not to edit the sound or add yours
2) You are not to publish without the motion to the sound logo

3) You must join the Telegram group  where we share, interact and build each other up.
NOTE: Posting the work without being a member of the group can trigger a copyright breach complaint.

By participating, you give Jolly Squid and its subsidiary programs all exploitation rights, with your rights are creator duly maintained. Jolly Squid and their subsidiaries are mandated to mention you as a creator when publishing in public and private channels as well
Your download of the sound and participation in the MTTS Quick Slice (#MTTSQS) in no way guarantees or suggests employment or compensation for time as it relates to your creation of the piece.

Jolly Squid is not responsible for the software you use and shall in no way be held liable for any breaches around such and its licenses if applicable.

As of now, you can only download the sounds for MTTS Quick Slice from our telegram group. 


No problems. Just fill out the form below and we will send you the link to download the sound files

become a partner

To implement the prize concept, we would like to partner with industry professionals, especially animation studios and festivals. Let us unite to give underrepresented voices in animation VISIBILITY!
Fill in the details below and we will contact you for further discussions. Thanks so much in advance


Aligning with the end of each challenge period and in co-operation with our industry partners, we have extensive workshops and masterclasses covering everything any freelancer in the creative business needs to make a viable career in the creative industry.
Sign up so we can send you direct invitations when we raise enough funds to conduct free workshops and masterclasses


MTTS_QuickSlice_Cover copy

To make the MTTS experience continuous and easy for all, here comes “MTTS Quick Slice” (#MTTSQS), short sounds between 5 – 10 seconds that you can animate on the fly. Better practice.
No complicated rules. No competition.
Just SLICE and we help you piece it better


MTTS_QuickSlice_Cover copy

If you’d rather try without joining the telegram group, we can send you the sounds privately. Just fill the form below

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