MTTS30 First Quadrimester | Jan -April 2022


The audio file “Traffic Clash” was created by ZEe HBE, a rising and talented Hip-hop/Pop/Soul/Afro/Gospel singer-songwriter of Nigerian origin. Known for his own unique signature, ZEe HBE has recorded a wonderful collection of songs that are a testament to the depth and diversity of his creativity and hard work in relationship to some events of his life.


The first challenge  has ended, and understandably not all who started were able to finish. While we look  positively ahead to future challenges, below is a compilation of the finished entries. Public release through a zoom meeting soon! The presentation structure solely represents the entry date and holds no statement about the evaluation of the works.


Anybody can contribute towards the prizes


Ebele Okoye

Founder, Motion to the Sound

Pia Djukic

Director, Festival of Animation berlin

Katarina Gulan

Radio / Media journalist and Voice Actor

Jimmy Raiford

Executive Coordinator (Philadelphia/ New York)


New Vibes | Four sound files
For the current challenge, we released  FOUR sound files so that you can choose which files you feel comfortable working with.
Wondering about the prizes

we need your support

We need support in raising the necessary funds to effectively implement the prize concept like salaries for the hands-on studio experience and paid internships, gadgets, the winner’s first short film production,  training costs for the masterclasses and many more…
Any amount is appreciated!
Thank you for your donation! We appreciate
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